XN 100 WSS Series

The XN 100 Windows Storage Server (WSS) Tower Series was designed with needs of small and medium businesses in mind, but is also scalable to meet large enterprise demands. The XN 100 WSS Tower Series connects users with their data across any network, which akes document sharing convenient, fast and secure. The XN 100 Windows Storage Serve has more advanced features than traditional file servers, whith allow users to consolidate data into a single and alleviate the need for multiple client license fees.

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  • XN 100 WSS Series
  • XN-004S-T1S
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Key Features

High Avallability-The XN 100 WSS Tower Series was desingned to be fully redundant. the redundant components are hot swappable for easy maintenance without shutting down the system. Bios and OS partition failover are also supported with a watchdog timer. Depending on performance, capacity and fault tolerance, multiple volumes of RAID can be configured to suit higher redundancy needs.

Consolidation-Xtore provides heterogeneous platform support to allow data to be shared among Windows, UNIX/LINUX, Macintosh and  Netware clients with multilingual support. Multiple file servers can be consolidated to reduce system complexity which can significantly reduce support costs.

Performance-To serve data quickly over the network, the XN 100 WSS Tower Series features dual gigabit ethernet ports with built-in failover and load balancing. A built-in PCI-X high speed bus reduces I/O bottlenecks. Depending on the system configuration, various caches can be tuned for best performance.